BAR LongTrac, Mossy Oak Break-Up Country


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Blend in, shoot straight and go home happy. The total camo look of this BAR is a clue to its final purpose: hunt where not being seen matters. The full coverage of Mossy Oak Break-Up County is made for just that. A great camo pattern that works in a variety of conditions and matches your clothing and other gear.

No other semi-auto hunting rifle comes close to the BAR. Its roots are based in the legendary light support machine gun, with technological innovations that set it apart from every other semi-automatic hunting rifle in its class. It’s lightweight, accurate, reliable and available in a variety of calibers suitable for everything from varmints to big game.

Get a grip. Coming through the camo, in gray, are the rubber-feel gripping surfaces that make it easy and comfortable to hunt and to stay on target between rapid-fire shots. And the Dura-Touch armor coating gives a great feel and solid grip, especially in wet or damp weather. 

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